Tokyo, JAPAN
Population: 13.2 Million Language: Japanese Cuisine: Primarily fish, rice & vegetables

Characteristics: Tradition and innovation are both highly valued—rice cultivation began over 4,000 years ago. Creator of instant noodles in the 20th century.

Important Dishes & Ingredients: Sushi, seafood, rice, noodles, tea, sake

System Challenges: Continued devastation from 2011 Tsunami, international trade agreements (TPP), protectionist policies, huge imports—80% of food is imported.

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Sake Revolution–Part II

By Makiko Segawa (Tokyo). In the second part of Makiko’s series on Tokyo’s sake supply, it becomes obvious that the wildly popular drink is facing obstacles from every direction–the biology of its ingredients, the traditions of sake artistry and government
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Sake Revolution–Part I

By Makiko Segawa (Tokyo). The socioeconomic empowerment of women in Tokyo, although seemingly unrelated, has reverberations in the sake supply chain. In the first installation of her serial on sake, Makiko explains the gender culture of sake and how it’s
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