New York City, United States
Population: 8.337 Million Language: English Cuisine: Various

Characteristics: Highly influenced by immigration. Food culture is diverse, operates 24/7, delivery-driven.

Important Dishes & Ingredients: Pizza, bagels

System Challenges: Natural disaster (blizzards, Hurricane Sandy), infrastructure, congestion

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The Dollar Slice: Secrets and finances behind NYC’s cheapest, fastest pizza.

By Berlin Schaubhut (NYC).How do the ubiquitous one dollar slice pizzerias function in NYC? How do they source ingredients, compete with one another and make a profit? Pizza in NYC comes in all shapes, tastes, sizes, and prices. The pizza
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Pizza: Transcendent of Class, Culture and (perhaps) Supply Chain Disruptions.

By Berlin Schaubhut (NYC). An irrefutable NYC icon, pizza will be Berlin’s spring board as she adventures through the incredible food system that feeds NYC.  New York City’s food system is complicated, decentralized, and growing. With unique geographic characteristics, immense
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