New York City, United States
Population: 8.337 Million Language: English Cuisine: Various

Characteristics: Highly influenced by immigration. Food culture is diverse, operates 24/7, delivery-driven.

Important Dishes & Ingredients: Pizza, bagels

System Challenges: Natural disaster (blizzards, Hurricane Sandy), infrastructure, congestion

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How a Mobile Soup Kitchen Feeds NYC’s Homeless

By Tove Danovich (NYC). The last mile that food travels within a city is often times the most difficult. Traffic, accidents, spoilage, delays and other miscellaneous obstacles all come into play, ironically when you are so close to the finish
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Can CSF Morals be part of The Global Fish Trade?

By Meredith Slater (New York City). Meredith questions what the increasingly popular Community Supported Fishery (CSF) supply chain model can add to the fraught seafood industry. Is there middle ground between Village Fishmonger and Fulton Fish Market? Can you guess the top
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The One Hundred Acre Produce Market in the Bronx: Have You Heard of Hunts Point?

By Tove Danovich (NYC)..Have you ever heard of Hunts Point? In 1989 over 75% of NYC’s produce passed through this distribution center, but the “Grand Central Station of Broccoli” is facing its share of obstacles ranging from a changing world
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A Dinner Party a Million Times Over: Feeding NYC Public Schools

By Tove Danovich (NYC).This story begins to answer the question “What’s it like to order food for a big NYC institution?” In this case, NYC Public Schools is the institution, and the answer in a few words: A balancing act.
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