Istanbul, TURKEY
Population: 13.8 Million Language: Turkish Cuisine: Primarily fish, rice & vegetables

Characteristics: Former seat of the Ottoman and Byzantine empries, rich heritage of European, Asian, Christian and Muslim influence. Many people practice halal. Rich staples range from dried fruits to meat and grains. The city covers over 2,000 square miles.

Important Dishes & Ingredients: simit, feta, apricots

System Challenges: Infrastructure, congestion, protest and political dissatisfaction.

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Simit: baked, stowed, delivered.

By Cagan Duran (Istanbul).Cagan continues his adventures with Sami Bey’s simit bakery in Istanbul. This time, he accompanies Orhan, a delivery man for the bakery as he drops off simit to their various clients. Mustafa, who runs a small simit
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Stories of Immigrants in Istanbul…Told Through Pastry.

By Cagan Duran (Istanbul). A single simit bakery shows us the importance of relationships and historical tradition in feeding a city. Simit are an important form of bread in Istanbul, yet not many old-fashioned bakeries, like the one Cagan writes
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