Istanbul, TURKEY
Population: 13.8 Million Language: Turkish Cuisine: Primarily fish, rice & vegetables

Characteristics: Former seat of the Ottoman and Byzantine empries, rich heritage of European, Asian, Christian and Muslim influence. Many people practice halal. Rich staples range from dried fruits to meat and grains. The city covers over 2,000 square miles.

Important Dishes & Ingredients: simit, feta, apricots

System Challenges: Infrastructure, congestion, protest and political dissatisfaction.

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Three Traditional Ways to Buy Food in Istanbul

By Kristin Larson (Istanbul)What is it like to navigate bustling food ways in an ancient city? Who are the people carrying on Istanbul’s traditional ways of food retailing next to sprawling supermarkets and even online grocery services? Kristin–originally from the
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What Has Come of Istanbul’s Famed Spice Bazaar?

By Cagan Duran (Istanbul).For centuries, Istanbul was the destination for the world’s spice trade. But, as the tumultuous 20th century changed much of the world’s economic structure, Istanbul’s famed Spice Bazaar now holds a different place in commerce. Entering this,
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An Island of Opportunity: Feeding Istanbul’s Islands

By Kristin Larson (Istanbul). Kristin explores how both modern transportation methods as well as ways of old–such as horses and home gardens–help keep the islanders living off the coast of Istanbul fed. Istanbul’s Archipelago The Princes’ Islands or simply ‘Adalar’
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Illegal Food Systems: Street Mussels in Istanbul

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