Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Population: 3 Million Language: Spanish Cuisine: Mediterranean influenced

Characteristics: meat-centric. Cattle introduced by the Spanish in 1536. Beef consumed per capita in 1956, 222 lbs., now 129 lbs.

Important Dishes & Ingredients: Asado, chorizo, empanadas, pasta

System challenges: Government policies, protectionism, regulation, union control over truck transportation network

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This Week in Food News: Argentina

By Estefania Luraschi (Buenos Aires). Let’s take a look at some developments in the agricultural sector in Argentina during the past few weeks. Hot topics were climate change, community farming and food security, organic agriculture, and protests against Monsanto. No
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Buenos Aires Food Industry Responds to Nationwide Strike

By Estefania Luraschi (Buenos Aires). Argentine unions organized an enormous, 24 hour nationwide strike which brought the country to a grinding halt for the entirety of April 10th, 2014. According to an article in the Buenos Aires Herald published on the
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Your Fruits and Vegetables in Buenos Aires: One Vendor’s Story

By Estefania Luraschi (Buenos Aires). Estefania’s article is a portrait of a local grocer and Peruvian immigrant, Sandra. In a beautifully written piece, we learn how trusting relationships are crucial to the success of Sandra’s produce stand–from bidding at el
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