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Pedaling Pastries: Food Delivery on Two Wheels with The Little Bread Pedlar

By Amara Sao (London).Amara goes on a “shadow ride” with Martin from London’s Little Bread Pedlar to see what it’s like in the life of a bicycle courier. The London Nocturne, in its eighth year, took place in the UK’s
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Illegal Food Systems: Street Mussels in Istanbul

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Story of a London Lunch–Of Storms, Holidays, Tubes and Monarchs

By Vivian Winterhoff (London). Moving on to one of her favorite lunch places, Vivian learns more about the obstacles the owner of an independent lunch place encounters day-to-day, some of which, like weather, holidays & absent third business partners, require
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Coffee, May Contain: GPS, Legal Recourse & Shipping Containers

By Hannah Walters (Washington, D.C.). Coffee is one of the most highly traded commodities in the world. Yet, it is also a highly dynamic food crop, which changes from season to season depending on weather, soil and disease outbreak. According
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