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Pizza: Transcendent of Class, Culture and (perhaps) Supply Chain Disruptions.

By Berlin Schaubhut (NYC). An irrefutable NYC icon, pizza will be Berlin’s spring board as she adventures through the incredible food system that feeds NYC.  New York City’s food system is complicated, decentralized, and growing. With unique geographic characteristics, immense
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Stories of Immigrants in Istanbul…Told Through Pastry.

By Cagan Duran (Istanbul). A single simit bakery shows us the importance of relationships and historical tradition in feeding a city. Simit are an important form of bread in Istanbul, yet not many old-fashioned bakeries, like the one Cagan writes
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Sake Revolution–Part I

By Makiko Segawa (Tokyo). The socioeconomic empowerment of women in Tokyo, although seemingly unrelated, has reverberations in the sake supply chain. In the first installation of her serial on sake, Makiko explains the gender culture of sake and how it’s
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London’s Food Web–a Londoner’s Perspective

By Vivian Winterhoff (London). In her sharp, premiere post Vivian introduces us to the London food system from a very intimate perspective–her own. She takes her own food web as a jumping off point to answer some of the most
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