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The Miracle of Feeding Cities:

Stories and Images of the Urban Food Supply Chain.

Welcome to The Miracle of Feeding Cities (MFC) blog, which is designed to share our contributor’s stories about urban food getting where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Starting from just a handful of locations, we now have covered cities such as Buenos Aires, Boston, Istanbul, London, New York City, Shillong and Washington D.C.

MFC is a project of The Food Lab (TFL) at the University of Texas at Austin. TFL provides awareness of food issues, stimulates dialogue and facilitates scientific and cultural exploration, experimentation and innovation in the food system.

Do You Have a Story?

Read our call for essays and how to submit a story here.

The Film

Along with the stories featured here, The Miracle of Feeding Cities is also a documentary film in the works:

Our food system is the invisible, often unappreciated, network of transportation, technology and incredible human beings, which all help bring food from farms to tables, everyday, with remarkable reliability in spite of unpredictable disruptions, capricious consumer behavior and rogue weather events.

From New York to Tokyo, Auckland to Buenos Aires, Austin to London, Paris, Istanbul, Sydney and beyond, MFC believes that through understanding how simple food arrives at our tables we will recognize new opportunities for improving the global food system.